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Personal Income Tax Preparation

We get you the most out of your personal income tax return

Personal Income Tax Preparation in Louisville, Kentucky

As Enrolled Agents we are the only Federally Licensed tax preparers in the country. We will prepare and e-file your taxes. E-filing your taxes is the fastest way to get your refund. E-filing is an electronic method of sending your taxes to the IRS and the State. E-filing is the preferred method of the IRS for filing your tax return. Sixty-seven percent of all personal returns were E-filed last year, and the IRS expects this number to increase each year. Most of our clients drop off their returns at their convenience and we call them with questions, or when they are done. We want our clients to understand their taxes.

We go over every client's tax return with them. We believe a client cannot make educated decisions about taxes if they do not understand their tax return. We encourage our clients to ask questions and do not mind spending time with our clients. We have prepared returns from the most simplistic to those with many deductions. For clients who have rental property, we have the answers. Mr. Whittaker has personal experience with rental property and understands this area of taxation well. If you are a sole proprietor, we can help! We are well-versed with itemizing returns for the individual or the sole-proprietor.