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Income Tax Settlements in Louisville, Kentucky

Don’t listen to the ads on TV and Radio advertisements. Advertisements stating they can help you if you owe more than $10,000 do so because their fees are so high that it is not worth it to them to take your business otherwise. Many of these companies have filed bankruptcy or have been closed down by that state's Attorney General.

Call us for the real answers on how to resolve your tax issues. The truth about IRS settlements is - if you have the ability to pay the tax you owe, the IRS will require you to do so. They will not settle with you if you can pay. However, if it would create a financial hardship, or you cannot afford to pay your taxes, there are settlement options. We have settled many tax debts. As Enrolled Agents, we have an insight to the IRS methods of collections. We can help stop wage garnishments and levies on checking and savings accounts. Every person’s tax settlement options are different. Don’t be fooled by the advertisements on TV and Radio.