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Business Payroll Solutions

We calculate the check amounts, print the checks, and send printed checks to you

Business Payroll Solutions in Louisville, Kentucky

We offer a wide range of methods to provide payroll solutions for our clients, from figuring paychecks based on hours or salary to doing online payroll. Some of our clients call or send us their employees’ hours, we figure their checks, and fax or email their information back to them. However, the most popular method of processing payroll is online. We provide a secure portal for our clients to process payroll. They input their employee hours into a system set up specifically for them. When they have finished entering their information, they send it to us.

We calculate the check amounts within our system, print the checks, and send printed checks to our clients. Our clients then enter their secure portal, open the file, put their blank check stock into their printer, and print finished checks ready for a signature. The checks have current check information as well as year-to-date information. Once a business client tries this payroll process, they love it, and never return back to the traditional method.