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New Business Forms & Filings

No need to hire an attorney to help get your new business started

New Business Forms & Filings in Louisville, Kentucky

We can help you get your business started. We can provide your Articles of Incorporation and obtain all of your tax numbers for you; there’s no need to hire an attorney.

Every business that has employees is required to have an EIN number from the IRS. If you are a sole-proprietor without employees, there is no need for this service. A sole proprietorship is the easiest business type to start or close. However a sole proprietor has unlimited liability exposure. If a sole proprietor gets sued, they can lose everything they own. The best way to protect your personal assets is to incorporate your business. If a corporation gets sued, the suing party can only sue for the assets within the business, not the personal assets of the business owners.

If a business owner decides to incorporate, we can help. From providing the business owner options of the different types of incorporation, to the preparation of the Articles of Incorporation, the acquisition of tax numbers and registering your business with Federal, State and Local authorities, we can help.