Personal & Business Accounting Louisville, Kentucky

Professional Accounting

Personal tax accounting services, business tax preparation and individual life insurance

Personal Income Tax Louisville, Kentucky

Personal Income Tax

We want our clients to understand their taxes. We go over every clients tax return with them. We believe a client can not make educated decisions about taxes if they do not understand their tax return.

Corporate Income Tax Louisville, Kentucky

Corporate Income Tax

We provide tax preparation for every type of corporation. We prepare and file corporate returns for a variety of different businesses from service-based to retail. Whether you have a Partnership, S-corporation, or an LLC, we can file your return.

Income Tax Settlement Louisville, Kentucky

Income Tax Settlements

As Enrolled Agents, we have an insight to the IRS methods of collections. We can help stop wage garnishments and levies on checking and savings accounts. Every person’s tax settlement options are different.

Financial Bookkeeping Louisville, Kentucky

Financial Bookeeping

We will balance your checkbook and provide Financial Statements for your business. If you have ever tried to borrow money as a business, you know the first thing the bank asks for is your current financial statement. We can do this online or offline.

Business & Corporate Payroll Solutions Louisville, Kentucky

Business Payroll Solutions

We provide a secure portal for our clients to process payroll. They input their employees hours into a special screen set up specifically for them; when they have finished entering their information, they send it to us.

Business Financial Statements Louisville, Kentucky

Financial Statements

We balance your business check book and prepare Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Statements. These give you the information needed to make educated business decisions. You can't make good business decisions without knowing how your business is performing.

Tax Form Preparation Louisville, Kentucky

Tax Form Preparation

All personal returns are transmitted electronically. This is the most secure way of sending your taxes and tax forms to the Internal Revenue Service and the State, and we usually have verification of your return within twenty-four hours of being sent.

Business Forms & Filings Louisville, Kentucky

New Business Forms & Filings

From providing the business owner options of the different types of incorporations, to the preparation of the Articles of Incorporation, the acquisition of tax numbers and registering your business with Federal, State and Local authorities, we can help.

Online Financial Solutions Louisville, Kentucky

Online Financial Solutions

We provide online payroll for business owners. We also provide a secure online portal for individuals to access tax returns 24 hours a day. With today’s technology, we offer numerous ways to contact us with questions, send tax information and receive tax information like tax returns.