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We are here year round and encourage our clients to call about anything they think will affect their taxes.

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We have been preparing taxes for 15 years. Our experience over that time has provided us with a vast knowledge of tax situations that will help clients with the most simplistic to the most complicated returns. Our mission is to provide tax preparation and advice to help every client’s tax situation.

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We go over every client's tax return with them. We believe a client cannot make educated decisions about taxes if they do not understand their tax return. We encourage our clients to ask questions and do not mind spending time with our clients. We have prepared returns from the most simplistic to those with many deductions.

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Accounting Concepts, Inc.

Our main tax preparer and owner is Scott Whittaker. He has been a federally licensed Enrolled Agent since 2003. After spending time in the Marine Corps, Mr. Whittaker became a custom cabinet maker, which may explain his attention to detail. He owned his own cabinet-making business for seventeen years. Then, he started his college career at Sullivan University. Before graduation he established Accounting Concepts Inc. He graduated in 2000 and started expanding his business.